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Lures TsuYoki who is who. Chinese copies of famous wobblers

Lures TsuYoki who is who. Chinese copies of famous wobblers

Our fishing online store has an extensive program for wobblers TsuYoki.

There are many of them, they are different and they are all copies of famous wobblers (Japanese, American, Finns), which at one time simply tore the charts on various fishing forums.

TsuYoki hard baits - the best copies of world famous wobblers

In order to make it easier to navigate in all this variety of this manufacturer, we have compiled such a plate of compliance with TsuYoki originals, which we will from time to time replenish and write comments to the baits. And if you have any comments - write to us by e-mail or in the comments to the wobbler on the site - we will definitely add the data.

Table of copies of wobblers from TsuYoki

Wobbler name Original What are the differences between the copy and the original, nuances, comments
TsuYoki Blind 70F Analogue Rapala Shad Rap SR07
TsuYoki Boar 60F Analog Jackall Aragon MR
TsuYoki Chance 115Sp A smaller version of Rudra
TsuYoki Chance 130F Copy of O.S.P. Rudra JerkBait 130F
TsuYoki Chance 130SP Copy of O.S.P. Rudra JerkBait 130SP The most popular copy of Rudra, like Rudra Suspender itself, is in much greater demand than her floating and sinking sisters.
TsuYoki Chance 130SS Copy of O.S.P. Rudra JerkBait 130S This Chance, unlike the original, is made in a thinner version.
TsuYoki Dhost 95SP Analogue of Tsuribito Hard Minnow 95SP and Megabass Vision 95
TsuYoki Dhost 95SS Similar Tsuribito Hard Minnow 95SP and Megabass Vision 95
TsuYoki Dodger 70SP Copy of Yo-zuri Pin's Minnow F197 Buoyancy differs from the original.
TsuYoki Dodger 90F Copy of Yo-zuri Pin's Minnow R239
TsuYoki Dust 95SP Similar to HMKL K-I and Renegade Pike Death 115
TsuYoki Gadder 70F Looks like Tsuribito Minnow 60F
TsuYoki Gadder 90F Looks like Tsuribito Minnow 80F
TsuYoki Glosu 70F Copy of Yo-Zuri 3d Minnow F686
TsuYoki Hump 70F Copy of ZipBaits Khamsin 70Sp-DR It differs from the deep-sea Khamsin in that it floats. Khamsin is a suspender.
TsuYoki Hump 70SP Copy of ZipBaits Khamsin 70Sp-SR
TsuYoki Loom 40S Copy of Strike Pro Sprat Stick 45S
TsuYoki Lubber 82F Analog Megabass Anthrax 83
TsuYoki Mason 80F Analog MegabassX-80 Trick Darter and Zipbaits Khamsin SR70 Mason is floating, unlike prototypes.
TsuYoki Mover 100SP Copy of Deps Balisong 100SP
TsuYoki Mover 78SP Copy of Lucky Craft Pointer 78SP
TsuYoki Mover 90SP Analogue of Lucky Craft Pointer 78SP and Lucky Craft Pointer 100SP In length, this is an intermediate option between the original Pointers, which does not prevent him from successfully catching pike.
TsuYoki Mover 128SP Analog Lucky Craft Pointer 128SP
TsuYoki Owl 90F Copy of Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow 90F
TsuYoki Patric 75F Copy of Megabass Flap Slap and Kosadaka Inborn
TsuYoki Pert 100SP Replica Rapala X-Rap 10
TsuYoki Pet 45F Copy of Yo-Zuri L-Minnow 44
TsuYoki Rager 90SP Copy of ZipBaits ZBL Minnow 90S SR
TsuYoki Rival 70SP Copy of ZipBaits Rigge Deep 70 and Kosadaka Ion XS 70S
TsuYoki Rodger 106F Copy of O.S.P. Bent Minnow 106F
TsuYoki Rodger 86F Copy of O.S.P. Bent Minnow 86F
TsuYoki Rodger 130F Copy of O.S.P. Bent Minnow 130F
TsuYoki Shiver 70S Copy of Salmo Thrill TH7
TsuYoki Spark 78F Analog Yo-Zuri Hardcore Minnow F918
TsuYoki Sprat 105F Copy of Kosadaka Goru XS, analogue of IMA Sasuke 105 and Smith JIB
TsuYoki Stapper 60F Damiki Milo replica
TsuYoki Strip 45SP Copy of O.S.P. Dunk 48SP
TsuYoki Swim 70SP Analogue of Isami Shallow Wobbler
TsuYoki Swing 35F Analog Jackall Chubby 38F
TsuYoki Swing XD 36F Analog Jackall Diving Chubby 38
TsuYoki Whip 100SP Copy of Raiden Twitch Minnow 100
TsuYoki Wink 110F Copy of Megabass Vision 110 Initially, the original - that is, Vision 110 suspender, but Vink 110 is floating.
TsuYoki Wink 80F Analog Megabass Vision 95
Unlike its counterpart, this Vink has a reduced size of 80mm, and positive buoyancy, which should be taken into account.
TsuYoki Wink 98F Copy of Megabass Vision 95 Slightly larger than the original, and floating.
TsuYoki Wloger 65SP Copy of Cultiva Rip'N Minnow 65
TsuYoki Stir 35F Micro Poppers Looks like Megabass Baby Popx 50F, Stream Bubble Popper The shape of the popper is taken, but the size is made ultralight
Poppers TsuYoki Bouncer 100F Analogue of Sert Killer Pop and Yo-Zuri Sahimi Bull A very popular popper turned out to be relatively inexpensive. After all, Sert Killer Pop is not cheap now :(
PoppersTsuYoki Punch 55F Copy of Liberty Popsy Junior 55F
TsuYoki Punch 65F Poppers Analogue of Liberty Popsy Junior 55F
Poppers TsuYoki Suit 65F Looks like Megabass Pop-X and Strike Pro Gobi Popper
TsuYoki Thunder 85F Poppers Analog of River2Sea Bubble Walker, Strike Pro Giant Pop 90
TsuYoki Zhgun 95F Minnow Poppers Copy of Tsuribito Jerk Pop and Usami Combo Pop
TsuYoki Viper 80F Walkers Analog Pantoon Zany Zag, Strike Pro Walking Stik, Tsuribito Pencil
TsuYoki Wasu 40F Copy of Salmo Hornet H4F
TsuYoki Wasu 50F Copy of Salmo Hornet H5F
TsuYoki Gugun 95F
and TsuYoki Gugun 95Sp
Analog of Anglers Republic Nap Bait and Traper Sick Fish
TsuYoki Blef 65F Analog Yo-Zuri SS-Minnow R662
TsuYoki Blef 80F Analog Yo-Zuri SS-Minnow R663
TsuYoki Brut 80SP Similar to LUCKY CRAFT Pointer 78SP
TsuYoki Churi 125F Similar to OSP Rudra JerkBait 130F
TsuYoki Draga 100F Copy of Deps Balisong 100F
TsuYoki Draga 100SP Copy of Deps Balisong 100SP Draga is probably TsuYoki's most popular model. Perhaps the most popular is Watson.
TsuYoki Draga 130F Copy of Deps Balisong 130F
TsuYoki Draga 130SP copy of Deps Balisong 130SP
TsuYoki Draga MR 130Sp A copy of Deps Balisong Minnow Longbill 130SF, but a suspender.
TsuYoki Dron 125F Copy of Yo-Zuri Dolce 125
TsuYoki Hard 130SP Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 130MR analog
TsuYoki Flirt 115SP Copy of Jackall MagSquad 115Sp
TsuYoki Gera 130SP Copy of Tackle House Node 130FD
Wobblers TsuYoki Shkval 95SP Copy of Megabass Enodis X-92
Wobblers TsuYoki Volonter 63F Copy of OSP Dai-Buzzn '
Wobblers TsuYoki Idol 70S and
TsuYoki Idol 65S
Copy of Saurus Vivra T
Wobblers TsuYoki Bill 90F Copy of Yo-Zuri F192 М104 Muddy Minnow (discontinued)
Wobblers TsuYoki Lord 72S Replica Maria Mar Amigo G (rare model)
Wobblers TsuYoki Strateg 90S Analog Bassday Range Vib 90 ES
Pastor 120SP minnow baits Analogue Duo Realis Jerkbait 120 SP (only with two hooks)
TsuYoki Agent 36F crankbaits Copy of Nories Worming Crank Shot Spin Shallow
TsuYoki Watson 80SP minnow Copy of ZipBaits Orbit 80SP-SR
TsuYoki Watson 110SP minnow Copy of ZipBaits Orbit 110 SP According to 110th Watson, there is just a bunch of reviews about his catchiness. The original often loses to Watson, and at the price Watson is out of competition. Other copies of Orbits 110 are competing with him.
TsuYoki Watson 130Sp Analogue of ZipBaits Orbit 110Sp-Sr, but increased size 130
Wobblers TsuYoki Crop 75F Copy of Yo-Zuri Hardcore SH-75
TsuYoki Drummer 100F Copy of Pontoon 21 Moby Dick 100F
TsuYoki Miser 95F Copy of Daiwa Morethan X-Cross 95SSR
TsuYoki Miser 120F Copy of Daiwa Morethan X-Cross 120SSR
TsuYoki Fling 86F Copy of Storm Chug Bug CB08
TsuYoki Gorn 65F Poppers Analog Yo-Zuri 3D Popper F687
Cezar 72SP Copy of Eveergreen Sledge Escarda
Drop 45F Similar to Zipbaits B-switcher 1.0 new
Drop DR 45F Similar to Zipbaits B-switcher 1.0, only deep new
TsuYoki Astrolog 115Sp Copy of Ever Green Faith 115Sp wobbler
TsuYoki Bad 60F A copy of the famous Lucky Craft Sum Malas
TsuYoki Bingo 125F Looks like original design
TsuYoki Bosun 75S
TsuYoki Wagner 95Sp Copy of Jackall Squad Minnow 95SP
TsuYoki Gamma Frog 45F Strongly resembles Kahara Baby Frog, but in principle is similar to other frogs from other manufacturers. :)
TsuYoki Got 90F Replica Jackall Tiny Magallon 88Sp-Sr It differs from the original by 2mm longer, slightly more weight. The depth is approximately the same.
TsuYoki Zanoza 105F Tackle House Feed Shallow 105F Tsueki is 1.7g heavier and deeper by 0.4m. (Thanks to Boris for the tip! Very good for small ones. On the first fishing 4 pikes from 0.8 to 1.4kg)
TsuYoki Zanoza 130F
TsuYoki Kruger 75F
TsuYoki Mover 128Sp-MR
TsuYoki Raider 125Sp
TsuYoki STIK 50S
TsuYoki Flirt 128Sp Copy of Jackall MagSquad 128Sp
TsuYoki Fugaz 36F
TsuYoki Shiper 110F
TsuYoki Chef 38F A copy of the famous Jackall Chubby 38F-Sr head wobbler
TsuYoki Macho SR 42F Jackall Chubby, but a little more In terms of build and size, it is also very similar to Jackal Chubby, but slightly larger size
TsuYoki Witch 118Sp Very similar in concept to the Imakatsu wobblers.
TsuYoki Plug SSR 38F Megabass Griffon Zero This wobbler is a copy of the well-known and prominent Megabass Baby Griffon Zero for many years. Differs from the original in several times lower price and rich colors.
TsuYoki Chafer 40F
TsuYoki Diplomat 110Sp Nories Laydown Minnow MID 110 SP
(Thanks to Svyatoslav for the hint! Differences from the original in his eyes, Nories is quicker-eyed, and it's hard to find him now in Ukraine , and the Diplomat is always on sale)
TsuYoki Long Charli 120F
TsuYoki Elephant 130F
TsuYoki Satana 115F Daiwa Morethan Crosswake Very similar to Daiwa Morethan Crosswake, but 2.5 times less price tag.
TsuYoki Savior 76S
TsuYoki Futago 70S
TsuYoki Wolf 70S
TsuYoki Tamer 112Sp
TsuYoki Vika Smith Bay Blue
TsuYoki Colector 110Sp Jackall Rerange 110Sp
TsuYoki Itteki 37F

The table is gradually supplemented with new models of copies of wobblers from TsuYoki.

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