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Choosing a braided line for the feeder. Recommendations from our fishing shop

The diameter of the braid for the feeder - which one to choose?

One of the most important criteria to consider when choosing a braided line is its diameter, which, in turn, must correspond to the conditions and method of fishing. Knowing the conditions of the reservoir and the approximate size of the fish living there, you can choose the most harmonious tackle with a cord of the corresponding diameter. The breaking load directly depends on the diameter of the cord, which is usually indicated in libres (this is 450 grams in our opinion). The more delicate the tackle, the thinner the braid should be used.

Here is a list, which will be easier to navigate:

  • Light picker rod can be completed with braid with a breaking load of about 8-10 lb, provided that that fishing is carried out at short distances, with feeders weighing up to 50 grams.
  • Light class feeder rod works well with 11-12 lb braids.
  • For a medium-class feeder that throws weighty feeders up to 90 grams, a 13-15 lb cord is suitable.
  • Lovers of fishing heavy feeder , where the weight range of the trough can be 120 grams, use a 16-18 lb cord, and in rare cases even more. We recommend placing a shock leader.
  • Extra heavy feeder can be completed with the same braid as above, but you need to put a shocker so that there are no shots when casting. When fishing for carp, carp, grass carp, a thickhead, you can take a thicker lace, or take a fishing line plus a shock leader. when the fish will make sharp jerks while playing, and the shock will give an opportunity to throw heavy weights and forcefully act on the last meters of playing the trophy.

What kind of braid should you put on the feeder? Braid for the feeder - which is better?

  1. An important role in determining the field of application of the cord is played by the number of cores from which it is woven and its cross section. A striking example is the well-known Power Pro cord, it is flat in cross section . This has both advantages and and cons.The main advantage of such cords is high durability and breaking load. The disadvantages include a large wind capacity, and an overestimated diameter, which negatively affects the casting distance. Today, such cords cannot boast of a low cost - a relic of the past.
  2. Eight-strand weave is generally preferred by athletes anglers for whom high casting distance is extremely important. Thanks to the weaving of eight strands, it is possible to achieve a smooth surface that glides well along the rings of the rod, and an almost perfectly circular cross section, which has a good effect on the casting distance. The disadvantage of such cords is their susceptibility to to faster wear and tear and a higher price, which does not bother athletes who often change cords. In addition, with the same diameter, the eight-core has a large breaking load, which allows the use of thinner diameters.
  3. Three-core braid . Differs in lower cost than a four-core braid, and higher abrasion resistance. This is achieved thanks to the thicker three veins that make up the feeder cord . The disadvantages of braids of this type are their flat cross-section, and, accordingly, a small overhang, greater wind capacity, and the inability to fish in a strong crosswind, which makes the three-vein unpopular.
  4. Four-wire braid in 2019 is the best option for most feeder fishing enthusiasts, as it combines a relatively round cross section and good durability, while maintaining a budget cost. It is now the best choice for feeder fishing.

Please advise the braid for the feeder - we get asked this question all the time

The abundance of cords on the fishing market is difficult to understand even for experienced anglers, the choice of braid often becomes a matter of long thought for them. But it is many times more difficult for novice feederists to decide, who do not know all the peculiarities of fishing in certain conditions.

Feeder fishing factors can be divided into several subtypes.

  1. Cast range. The longer the reach needs to be achieved, the thinner the braid is recommended to use. Plus, the braided line provides better long-range serif performance.
  2. Strength of the current. The flow of water practically does not affect the thin braid, which is especially important in a river with a current. Using a specialized trough with hooks, you can achieve a stable position of the rig on the bottom, thereby increasing the fishing efficiency.
  3. Underwater obstacles. The bottom of many bodies of water can be dotted with sharp stones and shells, about which annoying cuts often occur. To prevent such unpleasant moments, it is recommended to use a cord with a four-core weave, and in some cases, a shock leader.
  4. Fish type and size. It is important to understand that fishing for large, strong fish, like carp or carp, braiding can become difficult due to its insensitivity, which will increase the likelihood of retirement, especially for an inexperienced angler.

But it is worth noting that catching small and cautious fish like crucian carp, roach and bream is more comfortable with a braid, because it allows you to achieve greater sensitivity and track even the most delicate bites.

How to choose the color of the braided cord for the feeder

Many anglers bother with the color of the braid for the feeder tackle. But in our opinion, color is not important for the fish - it is more important for the angler. After all, it is more convenient for an angler to fish with those cords that are better visible. And the hook, in any case, stands on a leash made of fishing line, which is much less visible than the cord. Therefore, our advice is to choose the color that is convenient for you. The fish will see the cord of any color, and the feeder too :)

Which braid should I use for the bream feeder?

Bream is a capricious fish that requires the correct presentation of the rig, which can be achieved using a thin diameter braid, and the correct leash - which is better to talk about separately. Before choosing a suitable braid, it is worth taking into account the fishing distance and the surface of the bottom of the reservoir, for a reservoir with a clean bottom, an eight-core weaving is suitable, for a rocky bottom, it is better to purchase a four-core. Bream is not a very lively fish, therefore on days with low biting activity, windy days, and on bodies of water with the current, you can not be afraid to experiment in the direction of reducing the diameter of the braid. But in this case, we would advise you to experiment more with the thickness and length of the leash, and the size of the hook - this is what often brings the desired result.

Table of the most popular cords according to the version of our online fishing store, for a visual comparison and simplification of the selection process.





Ntec FlyCat X4 braid





Dark Green;




Ntec Flycat

Ntec FlyCat is an inexpensive four-core cord from a Japanese manufacturer, characterized by high abrasion resistance, dense weave and a very wide range of models that covers most of the angler's needs.

Select Master braid




Dark Green;

Bright green;

 select master

Select Master is a budget four-core cord loved by many anglers due to its high wear resistance, strength and popular price. Applicable for both feeder and spinning fishing, often used in difficult conditions. It is important to mention the traditionally (for most inexpensive cords) understated diameter.

YGK X-Braid Upgrade X4


YGK X-Braid Upgrade 3Color X4

0.2#/ 0.076mm - 0.4#/ 0.104mm




White with pink mark 15cm each meter;

3 colors;

Ygk X-Braid Upgrade X4

x4 Upgrade PE- not quite a budget four-core, from a renowned Japanese brand, with a dense weave, a round section and a smooth surface, due to which an excellent casting distance is achieved, and fishing in the current conditions becomes much more pleasant. An order of magnitude thinner than budget cords, while the breaking characteristics correspond to the declared ones.

Salmo Feeder Concept Powersink Braid X4 PE

0.113- 0.131mm


Dark Green;

Dark Brown;

Salmo Feeder Concept Powersink Braid X4 PE

Salmo Feeder Concept Powersink Braid X4 PE - a novelty in 2019, developed by a well-known company, especially for feeder fishing in various conditions, including difficult ones, has a good breaking load and a rounded section.

Fanatik Feeder PE X4 braid

Fanatik Classic X4 braid

Fanatik Chameleon X4

#0,4/0,10mm - #2,0/0,23mm



шнур Fanatik Feeder X4

Cheap four-core cords from the well-known sportsman-fisherman Yuri Petrash (Trophy TV channel), whose pricing policy and reputation reasonably make cords one of the most popular in Ukraine. In our opinion, these cords differ only in color and title. The cord has good strength and wear-resistant characteristics, but cord diameter differs from that stated on the package, that is, it is traditionally underestimated . If you choose from the Fanatic cords, then for feeder fishing we would recommend Fanatik Feeder PE X4 - it has the most long unwinding length - it's just more convenient.

What kind of braided cord should you choose for your feeder?

For a simple feeder fisherman, it is not necessary to overpay for expensive brands, eight-core weaving, and specialized cord cover, the range includes a mass of budget four-core analogs that can cover most fishing conditions for an ordinary, and even more so for a novice angler.

The main recommendation will be to select a diameter that is not too thick for the intended tackle (see our recommendations for breaking load at the beginning of the article!). By choosing the wrong line instead of the desired safety margin, you can complicate the fishing process by reducing the distance and accuracy of casting, increasing the wind capacity and in the water, as a consequence of which, turn fishing from a pleasant process into a torment.

In principle, we have described everything quite enough, and if you have any questions or recommendations, we will always help you choose a cord for your feeder.

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